Deli Nature Hobbyline Chix Start Meal

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This flour has a fine structure. Due to the tasty composition and the fine structure, the flour can be easily absorbed by chicks that have just been hatched. It contains all the necessary building blocks to grow into a fully-fledged laying hen or broiler chicken. The necessary vitamins, minerals and nutritional elements are perfectly balanced. There is enough energy, protein and trace elements available to meet all the needs of your chicks.

Grain Powder, Maize Powder, Pellet Powder.

Crude Protein: 19.5%
Crude Fat: 3.5%
Crude Ash: 6%
Crude Fiber: 4%
Vit. A: 10,000 IU/kg
Vit. D3: 2,000 IU/kg
Vit. E: 50mg/kg

Chicks that are later kept as laying hens (both bantams and wholesalers) may receive a slightly longer ChiX Start Flour in proportion to chickens that are later kept as broilers.

Bantams and wholesalers kept for laying may receive 100% ChiX Start Flour for up to 3 weeks. From week 4 laying hens receive 80% ChiX Start Meal and 20% ChiX Lay Meal or ChiX Lay Grain (at the choice of the enthusiast).

From 13 weeks a ratio of 50-50 may be offered. As soon as the chickens start laying (approximately between 17-18 weeks), the laying hen can be placed on a 100% ChiX Leg product (ChiX Leg Flour or ChiX Leg Pellet).

All breeds kept as broilers can start from 4 weeks at a ratio of 20% ChiX Start Flour and 80% ChiX Growth Flour or ChiX Growth Grit. Wholesalers that are kept as broilers may receive ChiX Start Flour just a little longer. With wholesalers it is faster to switch to a ChiX Growth Product (ChiX Growth Flour or ChiX Growth Grain). This is to achieve slow and even growth. Slow growth = stronger and firmer animals.

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