Deli Nature Small Animals Guinea Pig

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This diet contains a variety of fruits, vegetables and extra vitamin C for Guinea Pigs. Vitamin C is an important nutrient in the diet of a Guinea Pig as these animals are unable to produce Vitamin C themselves.

Wheat, Barley, Oats, Dried Carob, Popped Maize, Pea Flake, Maize Flake, Soya Bean Huills, Lucerne Straw, Popped Wheat, Wheat bran, Peas, Dried Banana, Dried Apple, Rape Seed Feed, Soy Bean Dehulled, Sunflower Seed Striped, Raisins, Dried Carrot, Maize Starch, Beet Molasses.

Crude Protein: 13.2%
Crude Fat: 3.40%
Crude Ash: 4.6%
Crude Fibre: 10%
Phosphorous: 0.40%
Sodium: 0.11%
Calcium: 0.50%

A Guinea Pig recommended daily consumption of an average of 35 to 50 grams of food per day.

It is also recommended to always provide sufficient fresh drinking water and hay.

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