Furment Postbiotics Plus Gel

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A palatable and fast-acting postbiotics gel formulation with added kaolin, designed to naturally remedy digestive disorders such as diarrhea.

Formulated by MIIIOME Technology, FURMENT Postbiotics Plus Gel is a great remedy that absorbs toxins in the gut, while soothing, balancing and strengthening the gut microbiome.

• Remedies digestive disorders such as diarrhoea and food poisoning
• Absorbs toxins in the gut
• Firms up loose stools
• Balances and stabilizes the gut microbiome
• Improves immunity and digestive health
• Increases nutrient absorption
• Encourages healthy appetite
• Aids recovery from illness
• Suitable for use with antibiotics
• Suitable for all life stages
• Enhances gut environment, making it more hospitable to good bacteria and less hospitable to bad bacteria
• Encourages microbiome strength and diversity

Postbiotics are the beneficial compounds produced by live probiotics when they metabolize in the gut. They are responsible for many of the health benefits conferred by live and active probiotics, but without the need to introduce live microorganisms into the body.


Proprietary blend of fermented Lactobacillus products (Postbiotics of L. acidophilus, L. paracasei, L. plantarum, L. reuteri), kaolin.

Up to 5kg: 1ml, twice a day
5 to 15kg: 1 - 2ml, twice a day
15 to 25kg: 2 - 4ml twice a day
Above 25kg: 4 - 6ml twice a day

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