Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals SuperBioLite Dental Pack (SuperBioLite 30g, Dental Gel 30g, Finger Brush, Scoop, Bowl)

Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals SuperBiolite Dental Pack

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Oral microbiome is the natural community of microbes living in the mouth. The delicate mucous membranes and teeth surface are supported and protected by a healthy microbiome. The imbalance of oral microbial occurs when one or more harmful strains of microbial dominate and suppress other beneficial organisms thus creating a disease-permissive environment.

This may lead to numerous problems including cavities that arise from excessive acid-producing bacteria, and gum disease which will result in tooth loss as well as inflammatory disease throughout the body. Dental Tartar is also a consequence of rapidly growing plaque-forming bacteria over a period of time.

JPN SuperBiotite Dental Pack is an advanced probotic formula for pets to gently clean teeth and gums. It helps to maintain dental hygiene and keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Dental Gel
(Hydroxyethylcellulose 5% with 20% immunoXT)

Hydroxyethylcellulose (a plant-derived amino acid) is used as a gel paste to facilitate ease of application of the SuperBioLite powder. The gel is non-toxic and water-soluble.

ImmunoXT (ICGF) immune cell growth factors can aid in the expansion of the L.plantarum which will help bolster the defense and protection of gum.

• SuperBioLite 30g
• Dental Gel (Hydroxyethylcellulose 5% with 20% ImmunoXT) 40ml
• Finger Brush
• Scoop 
• Bowl 

1. Wash hands before use
2. Mix one (1) scoop with a 1cm strip of the dental gel.
3. Apply the mixture directly onto gums and teeth using the finger brush provided.
4. Rub gently onto the gums and teeth.

*Note: There are no known side effects although rarely some patients may only experience transient constipation for a day or two.

• Wash and clean finger brush thoroughly after each use
• Always keep the contents of the SuperBioLite powder dry and refrigerated when not in use
• Ensure scoop is dry and clean before use
• Store dental pack at 4 °C

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