Optivisor Eyes & Face Protection (Normal Snouted Dogs)

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An advanced eye and face protection collar especially for dogs who are recovering from eye/facial surgery, blind, or needed special care for their eyes.

It features a velcro collar and chin strap for a quick fit, it is adjustable at the neck, sides, and peels off points for length. It is made of 2mm thick clear, soft PVC. Made to be durable and long-lasting.

Blind Doges & Special Vision
Optivizor allows your dog to bump and feel their way around without fear of injury. The blue-tinted ones have a shade factor of 34% and a UV block of 92% suitable for dogs suffering from panniculitis or requiring medical-grade protection from the sun. Add on a UV-resistant mesh to allow maximum protection against light and UV-rays.

Recovering in Comfort
The headrest has been ergonomically designed to form around the curvature of the dog's head ensuring greater comfort and stability. The entire unit moves with the dog's head and does not flop about. 
- It stays clear of the face and eyes, allows good airflow
- The ears sit outside of the vizor, eliminating echoes

Comes in 4 different design:
- Clear
- Tinted
- Clear with Detachable Mesh
- Tinted with Detachable Mesh

Available in Small/Medium, Medium, Large and X-Large, each size is colour-coded for easy selection.

Please take note that sizes are subjected to availability

Dog Breeds for the Normal Nose Length Optivizor:
- Affenpinscher
- Airedale Terrier
- Akita
- American Colli
- Appenzell Mountain Dog
- Australian Shepherd
- Basset Hound
- Bearded Collie
- Beaglier
- Bernese Mountain Dog
- St Bernhard
- Bloodhound
- Old English Sheepdog
- Border Collie
- Berger de Brie
- Bullterrier
- Chihuahua
- Chow Chow
- Cocker Spaniel
- Cumberland Sheepdog
- Teckel/Dachshound
- Dalmatian
- German Shepherd
- Belgian Shepherd
- German Shorthaired Pointer
- German Longhaired Pointer
- Great Dane
- English Setter
- Foxhound
- Fox Terrier
- Golden Retriever
- Gordon Setter
- Groenendael/Tervueren
- German Hovawart
- Husky (all)
- Irish Setter
- Karabash
- Kuvasz
- Leonberger
- Alaskan Malamute
- Malteser
- Mastiff
- Mastino Napoletano
- Munsterlander
- Newfoundland
- Owtscharka
- Pointer
- Poodle
- Komondor
- Rehpinscher
- Rhodesian Ridgeback
- Rottweiler
- Eskimo Dog
- Schnauzer (all breeds)
- Shetland Sheepdog
- Spaniel (all, except King Charles)
- Spitz (all)
- Terrier (all, except Yorkshire)
- Vizsla
- Weimaraner
- Wish Corgie
- Miniature Pinscher

Find out how to measure in order to get a suitable size for your dog.

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