Psittacus Silex Grit Fine

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Silex Grit is a supplementary food for small granivorous passerine and psittacine birds.

The intake of this insoluble grit is essential to guarantee an optimal function of the gizzard and the digestive system of birds with a strong granivore specialization. Its function is purely mechanical and should not be confused with calcium grits, which have a nutritional function as a source of calcium. Contrary to calcium grits, this Silex Grit does not dissolve in the gizzard by the action of gastric acids. In the absence of Silex Grit, birds can ingest calcic grit in vain attempt to satisfy the mechanical function. This will cause them potentially harmful collateral hypercalcemia.

Calibrated Flint Sand 0.8 – 1.2 mm (Silicon Dioxide).

Moisture: 5.0 %
Crude Ash: 95.0 %

Birds measure the intake of the Silex Sand accordingly to their needs. Offer ad libitum(as much or as often as necessary or desired) in a separate feeder, if it does not get wet or dirty, It may be remain in the feeder for weeks without being damaged.

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