Roots Herbal Ear Drops And Cleanser Dogs 60ML

Roots Herbal Ear Drops And Cleanser

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Herbal Eardrops & Cleanser is a herbal ear cleaning oil blend made with botanical infusions, cold-pressed vegetable oils and essential oils.

An aid to the treatment of ceruminous otitis (excess wax in ears) and mild otitis externa (external ear canal infections), eliminates ear mites, and as an everyday ear cleaner. Not to be used if inner ear infection is suspected. Helpful for minor itch and may help ease irritation caused by seasonal allergies and bug bites.

It contains mainly Jojoba oil, virgin Coconut oil, Peppermint and a proprietary herbal blend. Jojoba oil is used a room temperature as an ear wax softener, an exceptional moisturizer. Virgin Coconut oil is excellent as a skin moisturizer and softener, reduces inflammation, and supports tissue healing and repair. Both oils applied topically and together with other oils and herbs help to form a physical barrier on the skin to ward off infection.

Peppermint has antiseptic and decongestant qualities that can help relieve the pain of ear inflammation.

Jojoba Oil, Virgin Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Olive oil, Peppermint, blend of proprietary botanical & herbal extracts.


Benefits of Ingredients:
• Relieves pain of ear inflammation
• Eliminates ear mites
• Prevent bacteria and fungal infection
• Antiseptic and moisturizing

• Pump eardrop into ears as required and gently massage the base of the ear
• Let your pet shake its ears and clean off the excess oil/wax/unwanted debris with a cotton wool

For Small Dogs:
• One or two pumps in each ear

For Large Dogs:
• Three or four pumps in each ear

Apply weekly, especially just before bathing your pet. This would prevent water that goes into the ears during bath from staying there, thereby preventing bacteria and fungal infections.

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