Roots Herbal Furtonic Spray Dogs Cats Human Grade 250ml

Roots Herbal Furtonic Spray

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Herbal Furtonic is an all-natural herbal pet spray It helps heal eczema and is effective on all forms of rash, skin allergies, abscesses, fungal disorder, inflammation, minor cuts and scrapes.

Roots Herbal Furtonic Spray is effective in promoting fur growth and facilitates healthy tissue granulation of skin with no excessive fibrosis. Also, it is excellent in curing dermal irritation caused by fleas & ticks, reduces the urge to scratch, therefore protect the area from getting worse.

All active ingredients are derived from medicinal plants.

Special blend of herbal extract such as Tumeric, Sugar Apple, Neem Oil, Sea Holly etc. and formulated with Advance Herbal Technology (AHT). Does not contain toxic ingredients, artificial coloring or fragrances.

Inert ingredients and Ethyl Alcohol, purified – 70%

• Relieves itch
• Soothes inflammation
• Eliminates unpleasant odour & promote fur growth
• Promote healthy skin & coat
• Effective on all forms of rash, minor cuts, scaly and broken skin

• Spray on affected area at least once a day
• You may spray it on cotton wool and dab onto affected areas near the face (eyes, nose or mouth)
• For better result, refrigrate and spray it cool

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