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GUT + APPETITE is a powerful meal topper formulation of pre, pro and postbiotics, digestive enzymes and superfoods, to support a healthy gut and appetite.

Natural prebiotics provides fuel for the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut, to help feed and sustain a live and healthy digestive system, and to help restore and avoid upset stomachs.

Our probiotic blend is specially formulated to include a range of beneficial bacteria that support healthy gut microbiome rebalancing and ward off 'bad' bacteria that may cause digestive upset.

Bounded together with a host of simple natural ingredients, including rich superfoods, pumpkin and kale, this supplement is perfect for every day feeding to support long-term digestive health.

Great for weak gut and fussy eaters:
  • Correct microbial imbalances
  • 1B CFUs per gram
  • Unique blend of 11 bacterial strains
  • 7 beneficial digestive enzymes
  • Healthy Omega-3s from seaweed
  • 4 key sources of fibre, 30% fibre blend
  • Rich in vitamins A, C, K and F
  • 2 superfoods - kale & pumpkin
  • Specially formulated blend of 30 nutraceuticals

Key Ingredients:
• Lactobacillus Brevis - a canine-specific probiotic bacterial strain that helps address bacterial imbalances in the gut

• Lactobacillus Plantarum - a probiotic bacterial strain that supports healthy digestion and gut function in dogs

• FOS and MOS - natural prebiotics from plants and yeast that stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut

Detailed Ingredients
Probiotics Blend (2B CFUs), Digestive Enzyme Blend (60mg), Probiotic Fermentation (Postbiotics) (600M CELLS), Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), Inulin Chicory, Psyllium HuskEPA/DHA, Rosemary, Pumpkin, Kale, Kelp, Silica (Anti-Caking), Sorbic Acid (Natural Preservative)

Recommended amount to feed:
When introducing anything new into your dog's diet, it's very important to do it gradually, to allow their bodies (and their microbiomes!) to adjust.

Begin with half the suggested amount and gradually increase to the full suggested daily amount over 5-7 days. Daily amounts can be split between Morning and Evening meal times.

• 'Fun size' dogs (under 5kg): 2 Scoops Daily
• Small Dogs (5-10kg): 4 Scoops Daily
• Medium Dogs (10-20kg): 8 Scoops Daily
• Big Dogs (20-30kg): 12 Scoops Daily
• HUGE dogs (above 30kg): for every 10kg weight increase, add 4 scoops daily
• Using the spoon provided, each scoop is 1g of meal topper.

Product Info:
This powder is made of all-natural goodness and including pumpkin making the colour of the product a yellowish tinge upon opening. If you have any concerns regarding the product, please reach out to us.

Storage Guide:
• Once opened, store GUT + APPETITE below 25°C and consume within 3 months.

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