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HAPPY + HEALTHY is a powerful blend of pre, pro and postbiotics, as well as digestive enzymes and superfoods, to boost and rebalance your dog's microbiome for their long-term health. Treat designed this nutritionally complex formulation of powerful natural ingredients to support and nourish a healthy gut microbiome and provide long-term disease prevention.

This specially formulated blend will naturally protect your dog at all stages in life to minimize their risk for long-term disease and keep them happy and healthy.

Daily chew for long-term health:

Rebalance the microbiome & boost bacterial diversity.

  • Over 1.5B CFUs per chew
  • Unique blend of 8 bacterial strains- specially blended for maximal coverage
  • 7 beneficial digestive enzymes
  • Healthy Omega-3s from seaweed
  • Rich in vitamins A, C, K and F (Multivitamin booster)
  • Rich in natural prebiotic goodness, including FOS
  • Blend of 32 nutraceuticals, essential for daily health and longevity
  • A simple way to ensure each day long-term microbiome health

Key Ingredients:

• Flaxseed oil: nourishes healthy bacterial communities, rich in Omega-3s and fibre

• Kale: packed full of antioxidants and a rich natural source of vitamins A, C, and K

• Papain Protease: natural papaya extract, supports healthy protein digestion

Detailed Ingredients
Glucosamine Sulphate (400mg), Chondroitin Sulphate (100mg), Hyaluronic Acid (20mg), Safflower Oil (120mg), Camelina Oil (60mg), EPA/DHA (60mg), Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) (320mg), Marine Collagen (100mg), Agave Honey, Pumpkin, Kelp, Yeast Extract, Yeast Protein, Blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Bilberry, Curcumin, Vitamin E

Recommended amount to feed:
When introducing anything new into your dog's diet, it's very important to do it gradually, to allow their bodies (and their microbiomes!) to adjust.

Begin with half the suggested amount and gradually increase to the full suggested daily amount over 5-7 days. Daily amounts can be split between Morning and Evening meal times.

• Small Dogs (0-10kg): 1 chew
• Medium Dogs (10-20kg): 2 chews
• Big Dogs (20-30kg): 3 chews
• HUGE dogs (above 30kg): for every 10kg weight increase, add 1 chew daily

Product Info:
This chew is made of all-natural goodness and including pumpkin, papaya and chickpeas making the colour of the product a brownish tinge. If you have any concerns regarding the product, please reach out to us.

Storage Guide:
• Once opened, store HAPPY+HEALTHY below 25°C and consume within 3 months.

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